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Environmental Education


Watersheds, as defined geographic entities with distinct ecological systems, are the logical starting point for water education. GCWIN's multi-disciplinary educational programs aim to:

  • Facilitate hands-on activities that enable students to interact with their watershed

  • Demonstrate the systems of water management within our community

  • Introduce the opportunities of environmentally-focused careers

  • Reinforce the ethic of scientific inquiry and environmental stewardship

Upon request, GCWIN can help lead student or professional groups on tours of Grand County watersheds. If you are an educator or would like more information on the programs GCWIN offers, please call us at 970-627-8162.

Our Programs

High school bugweek

A week-long workshop where high school students learn about river ecology, the biological importance of Benthic Macroinvertebrates, and head to the field for a sampling day. 

Middle School watershed week

GCWIN has been able to provide Watershed Week since 2010 for Grand County Middle School Students. GCWIN works alongside teachers to develop a week's worth of interactive activities and field projects that teaches students about their watershed.This program is done both in East & West Grand Schools. 

Elementary School

GCWIN has developed several interactive lessons for elementary aged students and currently runs workshops every spring at Point Park Day for 2nd graders as well as every fall at Monarch Lake Education Day for 5th graders.

We also offer classroom visits.

Kids science learning lab 

GCWIN's newest program where we work in coordination with the Headwaters Center in Winter Park, CO to offer free half day programing to the youth of Grand County. To sign up for our limited spots, visit the Headwaters Center website: here

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