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GCWIN Photo Gallery

See us in action! We've already been out in the field for a few weeks this spring, and will have more content coming this summer. 

This page is still in the works! Please disregard the nonfunctional links and un-labelled photos. Thanks!

Staff in the Field


Executive director Mary Price and program coordinator Molly Good trek to a site at Vasquez Creek in Winter Park  


Field dog Winnie enjoys the snow at the Devil's Thumb Trailhead during set-up for a stream temperature site

IMG_4428 (1).jpg


Program coordinator Molly Good and field/data tech Kyle Masterson pose with one of GCWIN's stream temp rigs


04/28/23, 04/18/23

Masterson and Good record data and observations on stream temp, stream depth, and overall stream conditions

Sample Setups

IMG_7137 (1).jpg
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