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 GCWIN now has geo caches in the Winter Park/Fraser area as well as the Kremmling area. The geocaches have been created as an educational self-guided tour of Grand County's water systems. For more information and a link to the list of geocaches and GPS coordinates click here

 If you do not have a GPS or would like to do a self-guided tour of the Grand Lake area including Willow Creek Reservoir, Monarch Lake, Lake Granby, Farr Pump Plant, Shadow Mountain Reservoir, Point Park and the Alva B. Adams Tunnel then click here to download and print the guide with directions and interesting facts.




GCWIN started collecting samples for the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) in July 2012 at a site located on the very westernmost side of Rocky Mountain National Park. Brian Heckman, our dedicated volunteer, has been collecting precipitation samples every Tuesday morning rain or shine (or snow or sleet or hail). These samples are important in determining precipitation chemistry (known as wet deposition) that comes with rain or snow. This data keeps a valuable record of conditions at the headwaters of the Colorado River basin, where in the past there has been no site.

NADP Winter 2013

Thanks to Grand County, the Bureau of Reclamation, and to the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District for partnering to fund this project.

The site is part of the National Trends Network (NTN) which is the largest, long-term network for precipitation chemistry across the United States It originated in 1977 as a State Agricultural Experiment Stations project. After these weekly composite samples are shipped to the Central Analytic Laboratory at the University of Illinois and analyzed, the data is checked by NADP and published on their website



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Established in 2004, GCWIN works to coordinate, manage and consolidate the comprehensive water quality monitoring, information and educational programs in Grand County, Colorado.



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