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Kyle Masterson

Interim Executive Director

With a background in high school science teaching, I was introduced to Grand County Water Information Network (GCWIN) during their annual field trips in 2019. Transitioning from education to becoming a field and data technician at GCWIN, I played a key role in enhancing data management during a successful field season. Now, as the interim executive director, I am thrilled to take on a leadership role, driven by my passion for Grand County and the commitment to improve and protect our waters.

Brooklyn Cimino

Field Technician

Brooklyn Cimino is a Field Technician for Grand County Water Information Network. A recent graduate from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Brooklyn moved to Fraser over 10 years ago and credits Grand County and the Colorado River Watershed as their inspiration for their growing career in water science. When not working around the county collecting water quality data, Brooklyn can be found hiking and skiing with their dog Parry or enjoying the sun with a good book.


Kaitlin Miller

Education Coordinator

Katlin was born and raised on her family’s ranch in Granby and has a real passion for natural resources. After getting her B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University in 2008, Katlin began traveling the world as a volunteer field assistant.  She’s studied African wildlife in Namibia, sea turtles in Costa Rica, seals in the Netherlands, koalas in Australia, and she even went to Antarctica on a Students on Ice trip!  Katlin began working as the Executive Director/District Manager of MPCD in 2013, and even though her days of long trips are over, she continues to take at least one to two international vacations a year. Katlin has volunteered on GCWIN's middle school and high school field trips for years, so she is looking forward to taking the helm as GCWIN's Education Coordinator. 

Stephanie Sloan

Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Sloan is the administrative assistant for Grand County Water Information Network. Stephanie has spent many years working in a variety of roles with various non-profits and trade associations. Born and raised on the east coast, Stephanie now calls Grand County home and is living her best life here in Colorado! When Stephanie is not working with clients, you can find her outside hiking, biking, camping and of course skiing.

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