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The Aquatic Water Quality Monitoring System (AWQMS) is the database GCWIN utilizes to store and organize over 9 million lines of Grand County water quality data.


Click below to be linked to the AWQMS platform. You have to log in to access the data. The log in information is below: 

                                   Username: GCWINPublic 

                                   Password: public 


AWQMS Tutorials 

AWQMS can be difficult to navigate is you do not know the exact dataset you are looking for. View the tutorial videos below to learn how to query for stream temperature data, and create graphs with that data.

All Videos

All Videos

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Coming Soon! 

GCWIN is currently in the process of building a new data platform for data sharing and display. We will still utilize AWQMS, but the new "GCWIN Data Platform" will be a place that combines multiple datasets for viewing in one seamless location for public users and watershed groups. We are still in the fundraising phase. If you would like to learn more or donate to this project, click the link below. 

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