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Welcome to Grand County Water Information Network

Comprehensive water quality monitoring, information and educational programs in Grand County, Colorado.

Cyanobacteria Monitoring

GCWIN’s field team are the boots on the ground for this program. Each week our field scientists go to zones on Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain Reservoir, Granby Reservoir, and Willow Creek Reservoir to monitor for harmful cyanobacteria. A weekly report is sent to water management entities, town officials, and other stakeholders to ensure local agencies and the public are informed. Click here to watch an informative video about this collaborative monitoring effort!

Cyano pic.PNG
Our History

The Grand County Water Information Network was established in 2004 as a collaborative effort to enable better decision-making through science-based water quality monitoring, information-sharing and educational programming.


After its initial successes of building a strong membership base and developing its monitoring programs, GCWIN now has expanded its leadership of water quality monitoring to five programs: Stream Temperature monitoring along the Fraser and Colorado Rivers, Secchi monitoring of Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Reservoir, Temperature and Specific Conductivity in the Three Lakes region, Macroinvertebrate monitoring, and River Watch.

To better access the information we collect, GCWIN has established a publicly accessible water quality database that will hold all water quality data for the county. GCWIN has also developed science-based environmental education programming that teaches over 450 students each year about environmental stewardship and watershed science.

As we move into the next decade, GCWIN will continue to work to strengthen these core programs. We will also look to bring our experience and scientific approach to further monitoring and information projects that will protect watershed health and water quality in the county.

We Want to Hear From You

Need more information? Want to become a member? Contact Grand County Water Information Network today.

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